Epibright Skin Toning Cream

Epibright can be defined as a skin lightening product that brightens the skin tone and evens it out to leave the user looking flawless. Pigmentation in the private parts of the body is a common Best Toning Cream For Dark Skinproblem among both men and women. This lightening treatment was developed by doctors primarily for the intimate regions of the body. This product specifically targets the anal and vaginal regions. Epibright skin lightening cream is currently very popular in the skin care market due to the lack of side effects associated with its use. It should noted that this product can be used by both men and Women as its use is effective for all intimate areas such as penis, vagina, nipples, anus and underarms.


Epibright skin lightening cream combines herbal extracts and active lightening ingredients. There are two major ingredients used in this bleaching cream that makes it so potent, these are alpha arbutin and kojic acid. The 2 are renowned lightening ingredients that have repeatedly tested by reputable institutions and found to be effective in skin lightening.

Alpha arbutin operates by actively suppressing the tyrosinase activity of the body. Tyrosinase is what causes the body to develop increased levels of melanin. This means that its suppression directly results in less amounts of melanin.

Kojic acid operates in the same Way as hydroquinone. This ingredient is what makes the industry to refer to Epibright skin lightening cream as the best lightening cream for black skin without hydroquinone. It serves the same purpose as Alpha arbutin of being a whitening treatment but has the benefit of anti-fungal properties.

In addition to the above two ingredients, there is a third minor one in terms of concentration but is just as powerful as the rest are i.e. kojic dipalmitate. This ingredient is what facilitates the long sticking action of the product on the skin of the consumer. Kojic dipalmitate is what allows the product to properly penetrate the skin for higher efficacy.

How it works

Intimate regions are thought to be darker than other areas of the body because of increased melanin production. Melanin is actively produced by body enzymes, Epibright skin lightening cream therefore works by turning off the enzymes leading to a decreased melanin production. Ultimately, the skin of the user becomes lighter in tone. This product is effective for everyone as it mainly targets the skin darkening enzymes that are the same for every type of skin.

How to use it

This bleaching cream is quite easy to use owing to the fact that it is a topical treatment. This means that Consumers simply apply it on the surface of their skin. However, for best results it is advisable to apply it twice on a daily basis.


The best lightening cream for black skin without hydroquinone has the following benefits:

  1. This product does not block the skin pores.
  2. This bleaching cream has long lasting effects on the consumer.

iii. It is perfectly safe for use on all private parts.

  1. It lacks any trace of harmful chemicals such as hydroquinone, steroids and mercury.

Epibright skin lightening cream is an effective product that shows permanent results in hyper pigmented areas and can therefore be trusted by consumers.






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